THE First job I had was shooting a movie poster. I was really young and had no clue what I was doing. The poster turned out great and through the process I realized that putting myself in uncomfortable situations is integral to my evolution as a photographer. I like to take chances, I like to be challenged. 
THE Best career advise I gave to myself... Don't give up, ever.
THE Best part of my job is this beautiful feeling of confidence. I can honestly say that I can walk into any situation and feel relaxed and capable of handling it.
I manage stress by taking long drives up the coast, going for a surf, talking with friends... that and margaritas...
i'm on the fence about I'm not on a fence, my feet are firmly planted on the ground.
You'll know I've been kidnapped if I don't respond to your text, answer your call or reply to your email within 5 minutes.
My driving song today is Pete Yorn "Strange Condition".
I start my day with a long sigh, followed shortly by jumping jacks and a bear walk.
I'm inspired by the unexpected. By a song I've never heard or a place I've never been. By a person I just met, by a love I wanna feel...

My spirit animal might be Animal.