My very first job I worked in a video store in the very small town I am from. I went in everyday after school and put the returned videos away for free until the owner finally put me on the schedule after a few weeks. 
Best career advice I've ever received Find your voice as an artist. The aesthetic can change but your voice doesn't have to. 
The best part of my job I think its connecting and telling A good story. When I am planning a shoot, no matter what the subject is, or who the client is, its really important to flesh out the story. If we can create that with all the aspects of the production, then Ive done my job and all the elements will play out between photography and styling and locations and then how the talent tells and re-interprets it all.
I manage stress by Making Lists- If I can put things into an order and take it one step at a time, it all feels much more achievable.
I'm on the fence about Anything in "app" form... oh, and fidget spinners. You'll know I've been kidnapped if Honestly Im out of town so much, I don't know many people would know I was kidnapped... for a while anyway. I could just be camping. 
My driving song is Anything Country or Kanye. 
I start my day with Push ups, Coffee and a chapter in the Bible. In that order. 
I'm inspired by Travel: Infusing fashion and different cultures. Exposing people in this industry to the authentic beauty of this world. Any size and shape and color and gender. Really focusing on something all encompassing and telling dope stories about this world that we get to occupy for a few years.  
My spirit animal is A palm tree ––They bend but rarely break.