My very first job I worked at a plant nursery. I left with some interesting tan lines and the realization that I belong outside.
Best career advice I've ever received My dads only request of me - Be a good person. 
The best part of my job Working with immensely talented creatives who are also just GOOD people. 
I manage stress by Running. 
I'm on the fence about Astrology. 
You'll know I've been kidnapped if you walk into my home and everything isn't perfectly straight. I mean like if a book isn't lining up with the edge of the coffee table you should call the police. 
My driving song is currently, Mura Masa "Love$ick".
I start my day with THE Dog jabbing my face to get up, Coffee and WNYC on the radio. 
I'm inspired by The women in my life. 
My spirit animal is an Owl.